Free UK Telephone Support Service

In response to so many care support networks being challenged by Covid-19, Soul Midwives have launched a free telephone support network across the UK. 

If you are caring for a loved one or friend at end of life, or facing the end of life yourself, we can offer support. If you would like practical suggestions, a confidential conversation or pastoral advice, please do arrange a call.

Just visit the Soul Midwives Support Network site and put ‘SOS’ in the contact form, together with your name and phone number, and a few details about your situation. 

A qualified Soul Midwife will call you back as soon as possible.

About me

I came to Soul Midwifery in 2013, after working in education and an educational retail business for most of my life. This was followed by a period of end of life caring for my parents. After doing an Introductory Day and my Level One training in that year, I went on to do the Level Two course in 2014 and the TLC (Tender Loving Care) Trainers’ course in 2015. Since then my love for and involvement in the wonderful Soul Midwives movement has continued to grow.

Soul Midwife

I volunteered to set up the online Soul Midwives Shop following my training in 2013, as a way of providing resources for Soul Midwives in between their visits to the Soul Midwives School. I feel honoured to have been entrusted with the care of our Shop and to be able to interact with all its heart-warmingly supportive Soul Midwives customers. It’s my mission to be able to source all of the resources that Felicity, our founder, outlines in her books, to help us all in the amazing work that we are called to do. You can visit the shop here.

I am also a Mentor for the North West of England, and Scotland, and a Tutor for Introductory Days. These roles are an immense privilege, as I get chance to meet and work with so many warm and wonderful Soul Midwives.

Having done the TLC (Tender Loving Care) Trainers’ Course, and having been a carer for many years, I am passionate about sharing this aspect of our Soul Midwifery work with other carers and care givers.

I am equally passionate about raising awareness, whenever possible, about the hugely positive contribution Soul Midwives can make to end of life care.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I look forward very much to meeting you – as a Soul Midwife, Mentor, Tutor or friend.

A Brief Guide to Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death. Soul Midwives regard every dying person as if s/he is the most important person in the world. All are cared for as if they are a cherished family member.

Soul Midwives offer a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure, and we are skilled advocates and advisors. We are non-denominational in our pastoral support, encouraging  deep conversation, with love and dignity.

Our work may begin from point of diagnosis and continue until the final day of life, with encouragement and support to live life fully, until the end.

Our most important role is to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience a tranquil and dignified end to life.

Soul Midwives are helping to transform the personal and collective experiences of dying and living, within the community, by helping anyone facing the end of life to experience a tender, peaceful and conscious death.


The 12 Principles

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