Care After Death

If I have already been working with you as a Soul Midwife, I am able to continue to offer guidance and support for care for your loved one in the days immediately after death, if this is something that you would like to consider.

As a member of the Pushing Up The Daisies’ ‘Daisy Chain’, I can also offer advice and guidance about the options for care after death when someone dies, whether or not we have previously been working together.

As part of this service, I can provide support for anyone who is interested in making their own after death plans, and talk to anyone who wants to know more about the work of Pushing Up The Daisies and their ‘After The Last Breath’ course.
Jude Meryl - Soul Midwife

The Daisy Chain

Pushing Up The Daisies’ Daisy Chain is the first voluntary network in Scotland with trained volunteers able to give advice and guidance to people in their local communities about their options when someone dies, including the option to keep someone in the privacy and comfort of home after their last breath.

The advice can be given on a one-to-one basis, or through facilitating Round The Kitchen Table get-togethers. The volunteers are equipped with the knowledge from the charity’s online course, along with their local knowledge of facilities and services, such as crematoria, coffins and funeral directors, and have regular meetings with others of the Daisy Chain for mutual support and further education.

Please contact me for more details, or visit Pushing Up The Daisies website.

Jude Meryl - Soul Midwife